Nail designs are statement arts. They are also part of one’s identity. It’s common for people to form their first impression based on nails. So if you want to create an impression of being stylish, creative, and meticulous, here are nail trends to try out this year according to experts. You can either follow them or tweak them a little to suit your preferences.

Neon French Tips

The classic French manicure will still be trending this 2020, albeit they will come with a major twist. The classic white will take a rest and give way to the neon French tips, many nail salon owners say so.

Choose your favourite neon – hot pink, bright orange, or spicy red. Neon tips would definitely look bolder and more fun but not empowering. It’s perfectly fine, too, if you would go all-out neon. Just make sure they’re appropriate and you are confident wearing them.

Retro Nail Art

Have you noticed the puffed sleeves and the 1940-inspired dressed recently gracing the social media feeds? Just as retro hits the fashion industry, it will also significantly create an impact on the nail art industry this year.

You can go for geometric designs or other vintage graphics. Talk to your nail specialist or browse through Pinterest for vintage nail inspiration.

Logos and Statements

Those who prefer a subtle way of displaying fashionable nails will love the logo trends. Jenny Longworth, a nail artist at Chanel, anticipates more brand logos will be paraded with style this year.

Billie Eilish got it started. Yet still, you need to be careful about using copyrighted images in nail art. If you own a company, wearing your own logo is a good marketing strategy.

An alternative to wearing logos is to paint your nails with statements, numbers, or letters. You can spell out your name or create a 5-word or 10-word story using your fingertips.

Priyanka Copra, for instance, wore the number “24” in one nail in the Grammy’s night in honour of Kobe Bryant. Everything about the new generation is about expressing individuality and expressing insights, after all.

Metallic Paint

Glitters wear off easily and are sometimes too messy to paint on nails. A great alternative is to wear metallic polish. They sparkle and appear sophisticated. Nail experts find that an overlay of metallic colours like silver and gold create a fresher look since it’s the year of the Metal Rat.

Just take inspiration from celebrities like Rosalia, Billy Porter, and Lizzo who sported chic metallic nails to the Grammys.

Manis and Pedis for Men

Nail art designs have become increasingly inventive, indeed. It has also transcended social classes, even gender. Nail experts are positive that more men this year onwards will be bolder to sport stylish nail arts besides the basic colourless polish. Minimalist designs, including emoticons and graphics will suit masculine tastes.

There are many other nail style variations predicted to be trending this 2020, including the encapsulated nail art which uses real-life materials like shells and fine sand for the extra adventurous customers. Others prefer sketching their own designs for a custom design. Talk to your nail specialist for recommendations.

Whichever design you choose, it’s important that you are comfortable wearing them. Confidence is key to having sexy nails.


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