Have you noticed some skin growths on your skin? These are warts and they are cause by the human papillomavirus or HPV. Although most of these enlargements do not cause pain, they are an eyesore especially if they grow on visible parts of the body such as the face, neck, and hands.

More children than adults have warts. However, it can disappear after a few months or years without any treatments.

In the past, salicylic acid was used to get rid of warts but it seems it is ineffective to remove bigger ones that have been there for years.

There used to be problems in the past since most people are embarrassed by the unsightly growths. Thanks to technology; there are now innovative treatments that are available to make warts disappear.

Here are the 5 innovative ways to deal with warts.

1. Curettage

Under this treatment, the wart is removed through surgery. A scalpel or a spoon-like tool is used to remove the tissues where the wart is. This is a painful procedure and there are many cases of the wart appearing again after a few months. It can also cause the appearance of ugly scars.

2. Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is done by hitting the wart with an intense light beam, which scorches the wart tissues and damages them. The procedure is performed by a doctor who specialises in skin conditions.

General anesthesia is administered to prevent pain. The laser can cut the blood supply to the wart tissues or slice them.

3. Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy or freezing is another new way of removing warts. Liquid nitrogen is applied on the wart and the surrounding area. The freezing temperature of nitrogen can damage the wart tissues. In this treatment, the cold can burn the skin and cause blisters and pain.

Several treatments are needed to completely destroy warts. Applying salicylic acid after the area where the warts were removed has healed increases the rate of success of the treatment.

4. Electrosurgery

Small warts can easily be removed using electrosurgery. The procedure involves scorching the area of the skin where the wart grows. An electrical charge is then applied to the wart to burn and make the tissue dry.

Because the electric charge must be applied to the wart individually, this way of wart removal is not effective for big warts or many warts.

5. Surgery

Although this procedure may be painful without anesthesia, it is still considered as the most effective way of getting rid of warts. The surgery is similar to the removal of skin tags.

Using a scissor or a scalpel, the warts are cut or separated from the skin. However, even if it is performed by professional medical practitioners, scarring cannot be avoided.

Do you have warts that you want to remove? Consider the modern ways of getting rid of them such as by laser surgery, cryotherapy, surgery, electrosurgery, and curettage. For your safety and to get the best results, find a skin doctor to remove your warts.