A selfie is a great way to document those fun Christmas parties and family gatherings, especially when you do not get to see each other that often. If you spent so much time planning that perfect outfit and makeup, you will also want to capture the moment as best as possible.

Here are ways to make that holiday selfie a keeper instead of a blurry photo you will just end up being ashamed of later on.

1. Watch Out For Sparkly Stuff

While they may make you feel more festive, shiny and sparkly things will not look as good in those photos. In fact, they can make your face look distorted or highlight features you would much rather conceal.

If you plan to use them to show off your favorite features, use them in this area only and add very little at a time. To highlight your bone structure, opt for luminous skincare products like a reflective serum or eye cream, as opposed to highlighter. It looks more natural and it can blur any unwanted features or imperfections.

2. Be Careful When Contouring

Doing so will help shape the face so that it looks great in photos. This achieves a natural look, instead of a full-face paint job. Being very careful and light when it comes to applying products like bronzing powder will allow them to mix well into the skin and create shape without looking too made up.

3. Don’t Forget The Blush

Not many people know that blush is one of the most photogenic makeup items. It makes you look glowing in a natural way. Thus, when you take that selfie with a bit of flash, you will not look pale or worse, look too shimmery. Your goal is to end up looking natural and not too made up.

4. Go For Perfect Brows

How your eyebrows look contributes to a more photogenic appearance. They make you look polished and awake. To define them for those holiday selfies, use something like a brow definer. Opt for products that will blend into the eyebrows naturally so that it does not look fake. Apply very little at a time so you do not end up overdoing it.

5. Avoid This Kind Of Makeup

High-definition powders should be avoided at all costs when planning your makeup for those Christmas photos. The reason is that they contain particles that reflect light.  In normal light, they look like they are blurring your flaws but when the flash hits them, they just act crazy and destroy your selfie look.

At the same time, foundations and powders that have sunscreen on them will give the same effect when the flash hits it, so try to avoid them as well.

Preparing for your holiday photo selfie is important because your normal makeup might actually have the opposite, unflattering effect on the camera. Thus, follow these tips and plan your makeup accordingly, so that you will look great both during the party and for the pictures.