Ear piercing offers both men and women an avenue for self-expression that they can take anywhere with them. With so many possible ways to do an ear piercing, it’s an almost perfect guarantee that there’s always something for someone. If you’re thinking about getting one, here are some cool ideas you might want to try:

Conch Pierce

This is the type of piercing that’s done smack in the middle of the lining of your outer ear. It loops around the middle using a ring that’s often beaded to capture the eyes of onlookers.

Classic Piercing and Traverse Piercing

Known as the lobe piercing, this is the typical piercing that goes through the fleshy part of the ears. If you want something a bit more unusual, you can try traverse piercing which is a vertical take on the classic.

Imagine if your earring is a barbell design. A classic piercing will have the ends of the barbell point outward and inward. With a traverse pierce however, the ends would be pointed upward and downward.

Helix Pierce

This one is fairly easy to do as it focuses on the upper portion of the ear, hitting the cartilage. This is not painful as there are no nerve endings on this part of the ear. Note though that since it’s cartilage, there’s going to be a bit more resistance compared to piercing the fleshy part at the bottom.

Snug Pierce

This one is a bit more difficult to do and requires precision when done. A snug pierce is named such because it’s done on a snug part of the ear, around a shallow portion of the cartilage.

There’s a need for absolute control when making this piercing as you don’t want to go beyond the targeted area. The look however is a very distinctive earring, often using a barbell type design to really capture the attention of others.

Orbital Pierce

This is basically a double piercing that’s designed to be used for just one jewelry. Think of those long dangling earrings that run across the ears.

The two ear piercings are connected together by one jewelry, creating an eye-catching earring piece that covers a large part of the ears instead of just holding a small portion of the area.

Industrial Pierce

Known as “scaffold”, this piercing is a lot like orbital piercing but done along the cartilage. A bar often runs through the cartilage, starting from the bend close to the head and the cartilage along the outer ear, right before the fleshy portion starts.

These two piercings are often used in tandem with each through a single jewelry. However, some may choose to put different jewelries on each hole to have more room for experimentation.

There are other possible piercings, like daith piercing, which goes through the inner cartilage. Note though that more complicated piercings often require the help of a professional, otherwise you might hit nerve endings or cause irreversible damage. In any case, any piercing should be done using sterilised tools to prevent infections.