Best Electric Toothbrush Australia to Buy | 2020 Reviews

When electric toothbrushes became a thing, I thought it was just a way for lazy people to brush their teeth. It was only when a friend of mine told me that it was a really helpful dental tool that I jumped into using it.

If you’re wondering how an electric toothbrush works better than a manual one, the answer lies in the vibrations and micro-movements. The tiny movements help reduce more plaque. If this makes you want to buy one ASAP, I’ve compiled the best products in Australia for you to pick from.

RankProduct ImageProduct NameBattery LifeWhere to Buy
1Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush2 WeeksCheck on Amazon AU
2Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Sonic Whitening Electric Toothbrush3 WeeksCheck on Amazon AU
3Oral-B GENIUS 9000 Rose Gold Electric Toothbrush12 DaysCheck on Amazon AU
4Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Sonic Electric Toothbrush2 WeeksCheck on Amazon AU
5Oral-B Genius Series 9000 Power Toothbrush, Star Wars Limited Edition12 DaysCheck on Amazon AU

The Best Electric Toothbrushes to Buy in Australia in 2020

1. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Pro and Cons

  • It has 5 different brush modes and 3 intensity levels
  • It is Bluetooth-enabled and connects to a dental app
  • Has smart-mode pairing for easy brush head detection
  • Comes with a brush head holder
  • Has a deluxe travel case that doubles as a charger
  • Battery life lasts for two weeks
  • Inconvenient to bring all brush heads when traveling

Dubbed as Philips’ ‘best ever toothbrush’, the Sonicare DiamondClean is here to give you all the kinds of clean you need plus different intensities of cleaning. It has 5 brushing modes where you can choose daily intensive cleaning, whitening, gum care, and more. But what I like most about this product is not just the cleaning modes.

The Sonicare DiamondClean actually comes with 3 different brush heads and 1 tongue brush. These heads can easily be attached to the brush holder and it automatically detects what kind of brush mode you’ll use.

Philips calls it smart mode pairing that recognises the brush head. Did you know that it also comes with a brush heads holder? To make organising easier for you, the product comes with a holder to help you store the brush head properly.

It also comes with a Bluetooth function. This is primarily for helping you have a real-time analysis of your brushing habits. You can even use it as a dental app where you can set goals for your hygiene. I found this a very good way to promote health through technology.

Once you used this, it is going to feel very different heading back to using the manual toothbrush. The best electric toothbrush Australia is a total game changer, at least for me.

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2. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Sonic Whitening Electric Toothbrush

Pro and Cons

  • Has 5 different brushing modes
  • Effectively removes food and drink stains on your teeth
  • Comes with two kinds of chargers
  • Angled neck for cleaning touch areas
  • Elegant design
  • No smart sensor for pressure
  • Doesn’t have a deep clean brush mode

This whitening electric toothbrush comes with 5 different brush modes and has a polish mode to help give whiter teeth. The fact that it focuses on whitening your teeth is also a plus for me because some people neglect this part. If you’re a coffee drinker like me, then you will love this toothbrush because it deeply cleans your teeth while not damaging the enamel.

Another feature of the Philips Sonicare whitening toothbrush is the timer. The QuadPacer feature tells you if you’ve spent too much time in one area or a short amount of time in the others. This feature ensures that you clean each area properly and equally. The toothbrush automatically turns off after two minutes of brushing time.

Did I mention that the neck of your brush can be angled? To make sure that you clean every part of your teeth (without struggle), Philips designed an angled neck for easier access to those parts that are usually hard to clean ensuring plaque removal and taking care of gum health. Speaking of best electric toothbrushes that are totally a few steps ahead of the good old manual toothbrush.

One more thing, it comes with a charging travel case and charging glass. The charging travel case is great if you’re traveling or you bring your brush at work. For the charging glass, it’s a thoughtful accessory where you can place your sonic toothbrush. It also works as a charger. Just place the electric toothbrush, and it charges automatically.

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3. Oral-B GENIUS 9000 Rose Gold Electric Toothbrush

Pro and Cons

  • It has soft bristles for maximum cleaning on gums and teeth
  • It comes with a pressure control sensor
  • Has 6 different brushing modes
  • Comes with a lithium-ion battery and charger
  • The charger can be used for phones and other devices
  • Affordable
  • App detection is not accurate
  • It takes a long time to charge
  • Vibrates loudly

Oral-B never fails to impress with their GENIUS 9000 Rose Gold Electric Toothbrush. It is definitely going to make it into the best electric toothbrush Australia list. The first thing that caught my eye is how beautiful it is. It doesn’t have a total white color that gives the clinical feel. I really appreciate the rose gold color because it makes brushing more enjoyable.

On with the features. The GENIUS 9000 has 6 different brushing modes that gives you a more personalised experience. You can choose from PRO clean, whitening, gum care, sensitive, and 2 others.

If you’re coming from a manual toothbrush, I suggest that you start with the sensitive mode because you will feel awkward at first. Then, you can switch with the other features and brush heads to give a total clean of your mouth.

The GENIUS 9000 comes with Bluetooth technology. It’s used for connecting with your phone to give you real-time data on your gum health and teeth. It also tells you which areas you haven’t cleaned enough for plaque removal. Talk about technology!

The mobile application also gives you a “training” on brushing time, which is the standard two minutes. These smart electric toothbrushes integrates with a pressure sensor to detect if you are brushing too hard for gum care. They are also compatible with up to four different brush heads to suit your brushing needs. The travel case comes with specific grooves so you can bring more than one brush heads when you travel.

Another thing to love about this particular tool is the bristles on the brush heads. The bristles are shaped in a circle for maximum cleaning of both teeth and gums. I’ve read that they were designed with dentists, so you can make sure that Oral B is really getting it done right. It’s very gentle on the gums and it has fine bristles that can go deep in between your teeth, which is why I picked this as one of the best electric toothbrushes in Australia.

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4. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Sonic Electric Toothbrush


Pro and Cons

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Has smart pairing to detect brush head usage
  • Has a sensor for managing the time you spend on each part of your mouth
  • It’s affordable
  • Only has 3 brushing modes
  • Does not have a charging case
  • Is not Bluetooth enabled

The Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 electric toothbrush is probably one of the simplest models out there but I still picked it to be on the best electric toothbrush Australia list. It’s a perfect choice for beginners because it’s not so complicated to use. What I love about it the most is how it is designed to have a good customer experience by having buttons and small lights that indicate what mode you are on.

The Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 has only 3 brushing modes – the standard cleaning, the whitening, and gum control. If you’re not meticulous with brush modes, I suggest that you start with this first so you don’t waste money on features that you don’t need.

At the same time, you shouldn’t underestimate this product. The Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 comes with a smart brush and smart brush head pairing. You are able to know if it’s time to change your brush head or if you’ve been using it too hard. You will hear a pulsing sound if that’s the case.

This product has QuadPacer, the technology used by Philips in telling you if you’ve spent too long brushing one area of your mouth. It also automatically shuts down after 2 minutes. If you’re wondering why it’s 2 minutes, it’s because in 2 minutes is the recommended amount of time to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums.

The Sonicare ProtetiveClean 5100 comes with a holder that also acts as a charger. It also has a small plastic case for when you want to bring your electric toothbrush when you travel. It is a strong nominee for the best electric toothbrush reviews.

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5. BONUS: Oral-B Genius Series 9000 Power Toothbrush, Star Wars Limited Edition

Pro and Cons

  • Has 6 brushing modes
  • Equipped with Bluetooth technology for real-time oral care guidance
  • Comes with sensor to check for pressure
  • Round tip for gentler access to gums and side teeth
  • Sleek black design
  • The bristles and motor make loud noises

This may just be a limited-edition product but the fact that it’s made by Oral-B says a lot about how good this electric toothbrush works. Don’t get fooled, though, there’s nothing Star Wars about the actual toothbrush except that it’s black. The Star Wars theme is only found in the charger and the actual box that the toothbrush came from.

For its features, it is a lot similar to the Oral-B GENIUS 9000 that I talked about above. It comes with 6 different brushing modes that range from cleaning your teeth intensely to help whiten it. It also comes with a gum care mode that vibrates differently. And that’s just one of the features in this device. Apart from the brushing modes, it comes with a pressure sensor that tells you how strong you’ve been brushing in a certain area. If you brush hard like me, then this helps.

This Star Wars limited edition comes with Bluetooth technology that will help you the parts that you’ve brushed and how long you’ve been brushing in those areas. It’s a great tool if you really want to follow your oral care. While some find this just away to get personal data, there’s nothing state secret about my oral hygiene so it works for me.

I put this into the best electric toothbrush list of reviews because why not? There are many Star Wars fans out there, not just myself. So I thought I might share my thoughts on this special black toothbrush.

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FAQs on Electric Toothbrushes

If you’re shifting from a manual toothbrush to an electric one, you might have a few hesitations or worries about how it works and whether or not it’s really effective. Here are some common questions people often asked and I’ve answered them too with the help of a dentist.

1. How to choose an electric toothbrush?

Picking an electric toothbrush can be a little overwhelming. There are many models, brands, and features that you want to have. To help you pick the toothbrush that is best for you, I’ve narrowed it down to three factors that you have to consider – what your dentist recommends, the features, and your budget.

First, you have to pick one that deals with your current dental concerns. If your dentist tells you that you are prone to plaque build-up, then choose a model that has deep cleaning. The brush head should also be round so it can fit each tooth perfectly for better cleaning. If you need whitening, then pick a brush that has a whitening brush mode. And so on. There are features that are nice to have, but if you won’t be needing them, then it’s best to keep it simple.

Second, know the features that you want. Some features are added because they can help make the brushing experience better. It’s important to know what features those are for you – battery life, pressure sensor, Bluetooth, etc.

Lastly, take a look at your budget. I’m a very practical person and I don’t like buying things just because they look cool. There are many cool-looking electric toothbrushes, but you have to choose one that actually does the job and has a reasonable price. You don’t want to go overboard with just an electric toothbrush.

2. Does electric toothbrush cause gum recession?

Gum recession is a condition where your gums recede revealing the lower part of your teeth. It is caused by poor oral care, injury, genetics, bruxism, and aggressive brushing or flossing. By this definition, an electric toothbrush doesn’t cause gum recession. It can only cause gum recession if you use it too hard and if you stroke it up and down that makes your gums go down.

While it’s easy to believe that an electric toothbrush causes gum recession, know that this is more of a human error than anything else. In fact, even manual toothbrushes don’t cause gum recession unless they are used too hard.

An electric toothbrush can actually help in preventing gum recession. The soft bristles and the shape of the brush heads help in deep cleaning your teeth without having to stroke it up and down. The vibrations and the rotating movement also make sure that it cleans every part of your teeth.

The right way to use an electric toothbrush is to angle it towards the gums but letting it stay just right above, so it doesn’t force your gums to recede. Ideally, use a device that has a pressure sensor to tell you if you’re brushing too hard.

3. How long should I brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush?

How long you should brush your teeth depends on what your dentist told you. If they didn’t tell you anything regarding technique and length of time to brush, then the general rule is brush for 2 minutes. If you’re using an Oral-B electric toothbrush, it usually has an automatic timer that shuts it off after 2 minutes. Some brands like Philips also have automatic timers.

The 2 minutes brush time comprises of 30 seconds for every area of your teeth. This means that 30 seconds for the upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right areas. If there’s no timer for the 30 seconds per quadrant, you can just count in your head.

This is where Bluetooth connections are helpful. You can easily track how long you’ve stayed in a quadrant through an app on your phone that is connected to your electric toothbrush. The app will tell you how long you’ve been brushing, and it will also prompt you if you stayed too short in an area.

The real-time guidance is very helpful because it keeps you on track when brushing your teeth. If you’re like me who easily gets carried away, then a Bluetooth feature will help you a lot.

4. How do I brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush?

There’s not a lot of difference when you brush with your electric toothbrush or with a manual toothbrush. There are slight differences, of course, but it’s more on the technique.

To start brushing your teeth, place toothpaste on the bristles and place it right in front of the quadrant you want to start with. Make sure that the position of the toothbrush is 45 degrees from the tooth. Start with the backmost tooth and turn on the device. You don’t have to stroke the brush because the oscillating movement does it for you. Focus on one tooth at a time and brush the outer side, inner side, and even the biting side. Spend 30 seconds on each quadrant then move to another.

Here is a video I found very helpful on how to use an electric toothbrush.

Bottom Line

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