Healthy, beautiful lips are hard to stop looking at. Even in the ancient Egyptian days, the lips have been a symbol of social status. So much time and effort are invested in making the lips look more striking. Now, lips are not only one of the highlights in a person’s face but also express confidence and power.

Here are effective ways to keep your lips healthy and attractive.

Moisturise With Coco Oil

Lips, like the skin, have layers of coverings including the upper epidermis, the middle and thicker epidermis, and the innermost layer of subcutaneous fat. Unlike the rest of the body parts, though, the lips have a thinner outer protective covering called stratum corneum. It easily gets patchy.

Furthermore, the lips lack glands that generate oil and sweat. Moisture generation can only be improved with proper external care. One helpful tip is to frequently apply coconut oil all over your lips. Coco oil has proteins, nutrients, and growth factors that keep the lips in their youthful state.

Nourish with Vitamins C and E

Drinking supplements help, too. Nourishing from within is a safe and effective way to nourish the outer skin and lips. A powerful combination of vitamin C and E supplements keep the lips looking healthy.

Vitamin E (or tocopherol) is an antioxidant that guards the cells from free radicals. It also boosts the cell regeneration process, so your lips remain softer.

Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) work in tandem with tocopherol and is known to help lighten dark skin and lips and promote elasticity. It’s not surprising why vitamin lip serums are flying off the shelves like pancakes nowadays.

Feed on Avocados

The beauty fruit, avocado, brings a host of skin benefits and having plump lips is one of them. Avocado is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and sterolin that altogether contribute to collagen production.

As age progresses, the lips get thinner due to the loss of collagen. Other factors like stress and sun exposure are equally damaging as well. Drinking collagen supplements is useful. If you want to go au naturel, then feed on avocados.

Choose Your Balms

You may like coloring your lips every so often; there’s completely nothing wrong with this. However, some brands fail to factor in health in their lippies formula. You end up having beautiful colors but cracking lips.

Choose your lippies and balms wisely. Ingredients great for the lips include: castor seed, almond oil, cocos nucifera, D-alpha tocopherol, pomegranate, and safflower oil. Where possible, choose natural wax like beeswax as it protects the lips and seals moisture without clogging the pores.

When blended with sunflower oil, orange peel, and candelilla, your natural beeswax also protects elastin and collagen content – both essential to the skin’s elasticity.

Drink Up

If you’ve ever been dehydrated, you’d agree that the condition leads to the worst-looking lips ever – pale and cracked filled with peels. Sometimes, when the lips are too dry they hurt. You can very easily prevent this by loading up on water. But if the chapping is truly worse, you can take electrolytes.

There you have it, five simple natural ways to keep your lips healthy and beautiful. You may use one or two, or a combination of all these practices as a preventive maintenance or a possible treatment to lightly chapped pouts.