You might have been following all of the recommended hygiene practices to keep yourself safe from COVID-19, but there are some things that you might have been overlooking as well. One of them is makeup, which is very important because it is applied to your face.

You should avoid touching your face because your hands might have traces of the virus, especially when you are touching surfaces in public places.

While unnecessary trips are limited and public places areas are avoided due to the lockdown in Australia, you can still be exposed to the virus when you buy your groceries.

So here are some tips to keep your makeup clean and hygienic both at home and when going outdoors.

1. Wash Hands Before Applying Makeup

Some aspects of applying makeup require the use of your hands. This means, when your hands are full of the virus, you end up letting them inside your body through your eyes, lips, or nose as you put on your makeup.

So before your daily ritual, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

2. Don’t Apply Makeup In Public Places

Take the time to finish your routine at home and not on public transportation on the way to work. Even your office toilet might not be as sanitary as your own bathroom, simply because it is used by other people who may be carrying the virus.

3. No Sharing Of Makeup

Whether there is a pandemic or not, sharing makeup is simply unhygienic. This is the same as avoiding using testers in shops.

You simply do not know who used them before, and even if it is your good friend, you might expose yourself to tons of unwanted germs and bacteria by sharing these products.

4. Clean Your Tools And Products Regularly

Your makeup can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, so washing your tools is always a great practice. Soak sponges and brushes in warm water and change them regularly.

You can use antibacterial tissue or similar cleaning products with alcohol to wipe the packaging of your makeup products. Dry the tools fully before using them.

5. Buy Online

Buying makeup is not a necessary task that makes a trip outside the house and exposing yourself to the virus worthwhile. To reduce your risk of exposure and ensure your product has not been touched by anyone sick, it is best to just order online.

Deliveries might take longer but your health should be your top priority. You can always watch tutorials and videos on the web to get ideas on the best makeup products and how to apply them.


While keeping your normal routines and putting on makeup is a great way to keep your sanity at home, you should remember to reduce your risk of infection this way.

By following these simple steps and making it a habit to maintain top hygiene, you will avoid getting germs and bacteria long after the lockdown has been lifted.