The key to healthy and beautiful skin may also lie on your diet. The fact is, skin issues like dry skin, eczema, acne, and others are a result of poor eating habits. Thus, changing what you eat can be key to glowing and young-looking skin.

Here are the best foods to eat if you want gorgeous skin:

1. Water

It is not really something to eat but drinking enough water can benefit the skin a lot. Most people do not drink enough daily and this is reflected in their dry skin. The skin is, in fact, 30% water, so drinking enough impacts its density and thickness, according to a study published by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science. To have beautiful skin, aim for 8 to 10 cups.

2. Salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids, found in oily fish, contribute to healthy, glowing skin. They help remove waste and keep moisture. Plus, it may protect you from specific skin cancers. Dry skin may be, in fact, a sign of not getting enough omega-3.

3. Sweet Potatoes

Eating too much comfort food like refined carbs can lead to acne, so if you want your carb fix without damaging your skin, swap the potatoes for sweet potatoes. Beyond being low glycemic, it has fiber and antioxidants.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are not just food for the heart because lycopene (an ingredient in tomatoes) improves protection against UV damage, as proven by studies. Partnering tomato dishes with olive oil or other heart-healthy fats, your body can better absorb the lycopene.

5. Brazil Nuts

These nuts, which are full of selenium, protect skin cells from damage, which includes skin cancer. A study published in the journal Nutrients has discovered that it will contribute to looking younger and living longer because it reduces the risk of heart disease. Other sources of selenium are seafood, eggs, and dairy.

6. Kiwis

Vitamin C-rich foods are needed by the body for collagen production, which heals the skin and keeps it elastic. While many fruits have vitamin C, one kiwi delivers exactly 100% of the recommended intake of vitamin C. It also has vitamin E and antioxidants that protect cells from damage.

7. Avocados

The high-fat content of avocados makes it easier for the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and phytochemicals that are also found in avocados. Plus, like kiwi, it has tons of vitamin E that help avoid free radical damage and slows down aging. Lastly, it keeps the blood vessels open to transport more oxygen and nutrients to your skin.

8. Turmeric

This spice has anti-inflammatory properties and contributes to healthy skin due to its ingredient, curcumin. Curcumin has been proven by researchers as capable of lowering the risk for certain health conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. It also speeds up the healing of wounds. When mixed with black pepper, the body can better absorb the antioxidant compounds of turmeric.

The body is a whole system where every act like eating affects everything else. Specifically, what you put in your mouth has consequences for the rest of the body. So if you want to have and maintain beautiful skin, you need to think more about your diet and how it might be contributing to an older appearance. Add these 8 foods to your diet and you will impress everyone with your fresh and relaxed look.


Nicola is always on the lookout for the best beauty tools and skincare products. She believes in "prevention is better than cure" so she is always trying to perfect her beauty routine to avoid premature aging. Fun fact about Nicola: She owns a lot of sunscreens as she carries a mini sunscreen in each of her handbags and backpacks.