It’s tough – but the show must go on for many Australian business owners as the world still grapples with the COVID-19 virus.

While the country has placed a tighter rein on businesses, places like hairdressers and salons remain open – albeit with a few additional measures for health safety.

If you’re visiting them though, it helps to take some precautionary measures of your own to further limit chances of exposure.

Schedule Your Visit

Scheduling your visit helps the salon owner predict and limit how many people would be in the same space for a period of time. If the number goes beyond what is ideal, there’s a chance that you’ll be made to wait outside or be refused service altogether.

Hence, make sure you call ahead of time and inform them of the services you want. This gives the salon a chance to maneuver, prepare, and guarantee you’ll be accommodated with the proper health and safety measures.

Observe How They Welcome Customers

A health-conscious salon would welcome you with a temperature read, a shoe disinfecting mat, and some alcohol for your hands. If the salon doesn’t have this as you walk in, walk right back out again.

If you are not screened properly, then there’s a big chance that everyone else who walked in their doors was not screened.

Wear Your Protective Equipment – and Make Sure Attendants Wear Theirs

Salons require a lot of touching between the attendant and yourself. Whether they’d be working on your nails, your hair, or any other part of you – there will always be substantial contact. This makes it important for the two of you to wear protective equipment.

While a full-scale PPE is not required, masks and gloves should at least be part and parcel of the process. Make sure to bring your own and to have hand sanitisers with you to be used before and after the procedure.

Remember to be polite when asking – you don’t want to antagonise anyone as everyone is having a hard time during this pandemic.

Confirm that Surfaces and Tools Have Been Disinfected

Do not be too shy to ask if the surfaces have been disinfected before you take the seat. This is a normal precautionary measure and salons should do this even without any prompting on your part.

However, for the sake of your peace of mind, ask whether this process has been done. In fact, it would be better if you can observe this yourself.

Some people go so far as to bring their own tools to decrease health risks which is a possibility. If you are going to do this however, make sure to ask and inform salon attendants beforehand.

Observe the Required Distance

It’s unlikely that you will be the only customer in the salon. If the salon is serving two or more people at the same time, make sure there’s a 1.5 meter distance between the two of you.

Ideally, the salon has altered their layout in order to observe this distancing requirement. Perhaps the chairs have been moved far apart or some chairs are rendered unusable to guarantee compliance with distancing guidelines.