The cold season should NOT stop you from looking and feeling good every time you walk out the door. You might be dressed in bulky clothes to ward off the cold, but you can still create a face that can launch a thousand ships with makeup!

Here are some of the best makeup trends for the winter season that should keep you looking hot and in fashion.

Smudged Lips Look

This got big in Korea and slowly crept its way to the rest of the world. The smudged lips basically puts all the color on the center of the lips and then fades outward, creating a sheer effect.

To do this, just put all the lipstick on the center and just smudge out the edges using a q-tip. This creates a smaller lip and gives you a fresh look.

Oxblood Lipstick

Those who aren’t really fans of a smudged look can go the other way with an oxblood color on their lips. It’s a very deep shade of red that looks good no matter what skin tone you have. This makeup is a new take to the classic blood red lips which adds a flair of drama to an otherwise bland look.

Watercolor Eyeshadow

With brands like Stabilo now releasing their own makeup brands, it’s not surprising that the more vibrant colors are getting their turn on the center stage. There’s every indication that watercolor shades will be big during the winter as artists experiment with these soft hues.

It’s like an art project as you find the best and unconventional mixes and matches for the perfect winter look.

Brown Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes are a staple for many makeup enthusiasts, but the brown look isn’t touched as often as other colors. With the following months however, the brown shade is a promising favorite as it creates a classy look that captures the attention.

From a light shade to something a bit darker, the smoky brown pumps up the natural beauty and looks excellent when combined with smudged lips and flushed cheeks.

Fresh Faced Look

Skip the overdone cheek tints, the fresh-faced look is back with many winter models sporting the no-makeup makeup. It’s a fairly default style to perfect but once you do, it can be useful all through the year – not just winter.

The no-makeup makeup style is often done in tandem with a healthy flushed cheek coloring, as if you’re still enjoying a few strains of summer despite the cold. It’s a subtle look that’s meant to look both healthy and alluring at the same time.

Winged Liner

Not exactly brand new, the classic winged eyeliner makeup stays strong through the cold season. If you’ve already perfected the look, you can try mixing it up with extra-large wings or perhaps adding a new wing at the bottom.

Some makeup artists are experimenting further with the creation of artsy liner designs that go past the eyes or reach up until the eyebrows. It’s a very daring take on a classic and should kick off a promising winter trend.